Fun Facts About Steak

rare steak on a plate with basil and tomato garnish

We all can appreciate a fresh, juicy, melt-in-your-mouth steak… but there are some basic facts about steak that all steak-lovers should know. Home to the best ribs and steak in Ocean City, here at Nick’s we want our customers to know what they are eating!

First off, a porterhouse steak and T-bone steak are not the same. They look almost identical, both are part sirloin and filet mignon, and both are double-cut, but you get more bone and less meat with a T-bone.

Many people think that filet mignon had to be aged in order to have the best flavor, but that is not necessarily true. Because the meat is so lean, there is not any fat to break down.

Dry-aged steaks are more expensive because of mold and moisture loss. When you dry-age meat, you store it in temperature- and humidity-controlled refrigeration for up to six weeks. The moisture evaporates and the fibrous connective tissue that holds the cow’s muscle together breaks down, giving it a softer texture. A thin layer of mold usually develops, but that is trimmed off before cooking. Along with this, the moisture loss will actually make the beef weigh significantly less than when it was first bought!

When there is a drought, the cost of beef actually rises. No water means less grass which means farmers have to purchase more expensive feed for their animals, raising the cost of beef.

Studies have proven that about 28% of people who order steak also prefer/order a baked potato as a side. At Nick’s, you get two sides with your meal, choosing from options like a Baked Potato, Baked Sweet Potato, Steak Fries, House Made Coleslaw, Southern Fried Corn, Sweet & Spicy Pickled English Cucumbers & Onions, Garlic Butter Green Beans, Collard Greens, and more!

Overcooked steak not only tastes bad (in our opinion), but is bad for you! When you overcook meat the fat, protein, and sugars get fused together. This makes your meat tough, hard to cut, and difficult to chew and digest.

Now that you are basically a steak-expert… come on in for your favorite steak at Nick’s, cooked to perfection!


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