Nick’s, Perfect For Any Appetite

restaurant dinner table with plate of onion rings and salad on plate

Whether you are looking for a small or large meal, Nick’s will surely satisfy your appetite! If you’re looking to satisfy your taste buds but not overstuff your belly, try one of our mouthwatering appetizers or small plates. If you are starving and feel like you haven’t eaten in years, we offer tasteful ribs, chicken, seafood, and even beef selections! When you walk into Nick’s in Ocean City, MD and smell the fabulous aroma, you will be sold! From the most adventurous and daring appetites to the more mild and selective, Nick’s has options that are sure to please everyone!

Our appetizer menu has LOTS of inviting options: from Crab Dip to Loaded Potato Skins and even the classic Chicken Wing, Nick’s has a little bit of everything! And these are just a few of our appetizer options, there are plenty more on our menu! Our small plates include Momma’s Macaroni & Cheese, Crabby Mac, and Shrimp Romano! And who doesn’t love Mac and Cheese?! The only thing that could make it any better is to add crab to this already delightful dish, can’t you tell that we’re from Maryland?! Even the Shrimp Romano is spectacular, it is oven-roasted in garlic butter with grated Romano cheese which just screams deliciousness!

It says it in the name, ribs are our house specialty here at Nick’s and are finger-licking fantastic! Our chicken is sensationally seasoned and has that delicious Southern taste! You’ll surely want to try one of our seafood options which include shrimp, fish, crabcakes, and lobster, all of which are incredible! Our menu also includes different types of steak and a burger that are fabulous and full of flavor! Our drink menu is extensive as well including craft beers, craft cocktails, and wine to pair with any meal.

Stop on by to Nick’s in Ocean City, MD for a magnificent meal! Whether your appetite is small or large, and bold or a bit cautious, we have something for you!


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