“Super Sunday” Celebration at Nick’s

person cheering at football game

We all know that Sunday is the BIG GAME!  After months of gridiron take-downs…it’s finally here! And, what better place to be than Ocean City’s favorite sports bar? I mean, with our ever-changing selection of craft beers & cocktails, our oversized flat screens, and some of the best ribs you’ll ever get your hands on – Nick’s in Ocean City is the BEST place to take in the Final Football Showdown of the season!

But, wait. What if you are not a football fan? I mean…not everyone likes football. No worries! This Sunday, (February 4th) isn’t JUST about football. After all, it’s also “National SOUP Day” – and our Cream of Crab is some of the best in town! If that doesn’t catch your attention, it’s also “National Letter Carriers Day” (you know, the guys who put the snail mail in that little box outside your house!). How about sweaters? Sunday is “National Sweater Day” – everybody has a sweater! It’s also “National Yorkshire Pudding Day” – we don’t have Yorkshire Pudding – we’re not even sure what that is– but, we DO have ONION LOAF. Our personal favorite, however, is– “Dump Your Significant Jerk Day!” Plain and simple, if they are a jerk, Sunday is the day to dump them. With all these reasons to make merry – there’s no better place to get your “Celebrate On” than at Nick’s in North Ocean City.

No matter what motivates you this Sunday, we will be here waiting for you! So put on your favorite sweater, and stop by for some crab soup, ribs, & onion loaf. While you’re here, cheer on your favorite team– or simply raise a glass and make a toast (to ridding yourself of that jerk that you’ve been hanging out with). Either way, we’ll be here – at Nick’s – to help you with your festivities!


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